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If you’re a business owner looking for added income and additional customers, you’ve come to the right place.

Profit Resources Group offers a total pre-paid communication solution.  PRG works to provide our PRG Agent Network with products and services that your customers require which creates additional foot traffic in your business.

When PRG Partners with another Service Provider, be assured we have negotiated the very best pricing for the customer and the best commission for the Agents.  We also research the PRG/Partners Customer Service and Agent Relations activity.  The service that the PRG/Partners offer is just as important as the pricing and commission, so we make sure it is provided to you at a very high level.

Requirements to join the PRG Agent Network:

  1. You must have a store or office that is open during business hours.
  2. Your store or office must be open year round.
  3. You must have a computer or tablet with internet access.
  4. Sign a PRG/Partner Agreement and allow us to draft (ACH) the funds deposited for each transaction.  (your bank account is only drafted when you have collected payments from customers).
  5. Offer our products and service to your clients or customers.
  6. Display the FREE Point of Purchase Material provided to you.

Overview of the Agent sign-up process:

  1. Complete and submit the online Agent Application. (link button below)
  2. If you prefer not to submit your application online, click here for a PDF version. Print and fill out the application, then fax it to 888.397.2622.
  3. PRG will assign a log-in ID and make available the Best Selection of Products and Services.
  4. As you select each available product, please understand each company will allow the Agent to use the companie’s Agent Portal therefore; the Company will require their Agreement to be completed and returned to PRG.
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